Pomegranates and Olive Review

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A lot of women marry the man of their dreams, set up house, have kids, and settle down to the happily ever after until one day, when everything they wanted has happened, they realise what they’ve got isn’t really what they want. Not so Australian Olivia Russo of Pomegranates and Olive fame. At the first sign her one-and-only wants to make her his forever, she’s on a plane to Turkey faster than you can say bon voyage.

Her plan, as much as she’s thought it out, is to visit with her cousin in Bodrum for a while, enjoy some Mediterranean sun, sea and sand but more importantly, get time away from her loving but interfering Italian family so she can decide whether or not her childhood sweetheart Luca Oraiti really is the one, before she signs on the dotted line.

Like the best laid plans hers go awry when she meets Deniz Yilmaz at the airport. Tall dark and arrogant, he immediately makes her blood boil and in the best of romance novel tradition they clash even before boarding the plane. Sparks fly and by coincidence or some might say fate, it turns out Deniz is a relative of a man connected to Ginger, Olive’s cousin and … well … I’ll let you find out what happens for yourself.

Forewarned is forearmed so if you’re at all prudish it’s not the book for you. It’s written by adult Australian woman Jane Gundogan and we Australians are known for being direct (very). However Pomegranates and Olive is the perfect read if you’re looking for a distraction from real life (and these days who isn’t?), full of beautiful scenery (and that’s just the men), bad language, lot of sex scenes and a page turning story to boot. If this sounds just the tonic you need, what are you waiting for?

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Title: Pomegranates and Olive
Publisher: Jane Gundogan
Date: May, 2021
ISBN: 979-8500855763

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