I’m Lisa Morrow.

I’m Lisa Morrow, a sociologist, author and travel writer originally from a quiet leafy suburb in Sydney, Australia. Istanbul has been my home now for almost 13 years but my journey here was anything but direct. After finishing high school I went straight to university where I failed to find my niche.

I dropped out and worked as a public servant, cleaner, sales assistant, waitress, bar maid and car counter. Eventually I saved up enough to go overseas and hitchhiked through the UK, camped out in Europe and arrived in Turkey just as the Gulf War was starting.

Two months in the then small central Anatolian village of Göreme changed my life. I went back to Australia and graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Sociology from Macquarie University. An academic career beckoned but the call to travel was louder and I eventually moved to Turkey permanently .

I’ve lived in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey for more than 15 years and travelled around the country for even longer so according to my local friends I’m almost Turkish.

I’ve learned a lot about Turkey and Turkish people in that time, and share stories about my experiences here on this website. I’m not a travel agent but if you’re looking for ideas on where to go and what to do in Istanbul and Turkey, you’ll find lots to inspire you in my posts.

My guidebook, audio walking tour & more

Istanbul is endlessly fascinating and I’ve channelled my passion for the city into Istanbul 50 Unsung Places, a guide book to the city’s lesser known sights, based on using public transport to visit them.

In addition I’ve created and produced an audio self-guided walking tour called Stepping back through Chalcedon: Kadikoy Walk. Both will help you explore the Istanbul I call home.

What I’ve learned over the years also inspired me to write four other books. There’s my memoir Istanbul Dreams, about what it was really like to move to Istanbul for good. It’s been described as blisteringly honest so hold on to your hats! Then there’s my three essay collection.

They range from reading to be in the moment as I lead you through daily life Inside Out In Istanbul, learning as much about myself as about Turkey when I travel from the known to the unknown in Exploring Turkish Landscapes (also available in Turkish) and Longing for Istanbul, my tribute to a city I love dearly because I’ve seen it from both sides, the good and the bad.

Freelance Work

My byline has appeared in The New York Times, CNN Travel, The Guardian, BBC Travel and elsewhere. You can see more of my writing by clicking the tab at the top of this page. If you want me to write for you, get in touch via the contact tab.