My passion for Turkey is never ending and I started to write about my experiences in Istanbul and Turkey to show people the similarities we share. No matter who we are, what religion (or not) we follow, or where we’re born, we laugh, learn, fall in love, marry, make difficult decisions, work, have kids, ambitions and dreams, face hardships and loss, and eventually die. How we react, celebrate or mourn is where the differences come in.

Towards understanding Turkish people and Turkish culture

In Exploring Turkish Landscapes: Crossing Inner Boundaries journey with me as I set off on my travels throughout the country. Along the way I delve deeper into Turkish culture as a way to escape myself, only in the end to discover who I am.

Bu kitap şu lisanda da Türkçe mevcuttur.

As soon as you turn the first page of Inside Out In Istanbul: Making Sense of the City, you’ll find yourself slap bang on the streets of Istanbul, surrounded by the sights, sounds, smells and taste of the city.

My memoir Istanbul Dreams: Waiting for the Tulips to Bloom is a blisteringly honest look of what it was like to move to Istanbul permanently. I thought I knew what to expect, given I’d lived here before, but nothing can ever quite prepare you for the chaos and kindness of the places and people that make up this exasperating, disconcerting and difficult but wonderful city.

Then there’s Longing for Istanbul: The Words I Haven’t Said Yet. Of all my books so far the pieces in this one best represent me both personally and as a writer. I’m a long term resident of Turkey, speak the language reasonably well (on my good days) and am trained in sociology. They run the gamut of me as a story teller, an academic, an explainer of Turkish culture and society as understood by a foreigner and a daydreamer. It reveals Istanbul, the city I love, warts and all.

Discover Istanbul for yourself with my guidebook

I’ve lived on the Asian side of Istanbul for many years and am fascinated by the history, social life, religious customs and personal stories to be found in less famous sites around the city so I set out to document the places that resonated most. Istanbul 50 Unsung Places is the result. This eclectic guide celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Istanbul, combining history, little known facts, transport information, directions and handy tips, meaning you can travel deeper into the world I now call home.

Or use my audio walking tour

If listening as you walk suits your travelling style, you’ll love my self-guided audio walking tour of Kadikoy, my neighbourhood. Walk the paths I regularly tread and learn more about the area’s history than you’ll find in most other guide books. You can get an idea of what it’s like in this post here.