Istanbul Views – By the water

There are many beautiful Istanbul views but some of the ones I love the most are by the water.

Ortakoy2000 viewSunday in Ortaköy, 2000

View from Cafe de Balzac

The German designed Haydarpaşa Railway as seen from Kadikoy, May 2011

12c Uskudar - Kiz Kalesi 2Drinking tea in Üsküdar, April 2012

Ist 2000 Eminonu boats

Fishermen and boats at Eminönü, November 2000

2c Fog in Kadikoy 4 May

Kadikoy waterfront, May 2013

Ist 01 Kadikoy waterfront

Kadikoy waterfront, March 2001


Young soldiers on their day off, Haydarpaşa Railway Station, October 2011

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