St Stephen Church Istanbul

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St Stephen Church of the Bulgars on the shores of the Golden Horn

When the original wooden St Stephen Church Istanbul was erected on the shores of the Golden Horn in the early 19th century, the Bulgarian Church was trying to break away from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Istanbul. At that time the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople controlled all the religious affairs of Orthodox congregations throughout the entire Eastern Christian world. After a fire severely damaged St Stephen’s a decision was made to erect a church constructed entirely of iron. A competition was held to find the best design. The winners, an Austrian company, used neo-Gothic and neo-Baroque styles and cast each section piece-by-piece in Vienna between 1893 and 1896. When everything was completed it was loaded onto a boat that travelled down the Danube and arrived in Istanbul via the Black Sea. Somewhat like a giant Meccano set, it took one and a half years to put all the pieces together and on September 8, 1898, the church opened its doors once again.

St Stephen of the Bulgars iconostasis
A moment's pause in St Stephen of the Bulgars

After falling into disrepair St Stephen Church Istanbul was closed for many years, only accessible if you knew where to find the caretaker to let you in. In 2011, an agreement between Bulgaria and Turkey saw the start of extensive renovation work. The church was reinaugurated as an official place of worship on January 8, 2018, coinciding with the 120th anniversary of the church. Today it’s one of the world’s few pre-fabricated iron churches still in existence.

Railing details, interior St Stephen of the Bulgars
The steps of St Stephen of the Bulgars

Read the full history of St Stephen Church Istanbul on page 166 of Istanbul 50 Unsung Places, as well as how to get to it and other lesser known Istanbul sights, all by public transport.


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However you travel, stay safe and have fun! Iyi yolculuklar.

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