Culture Smart Turkey by Charlotte McPherson

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This pocket size guide to the essential customs and culture of Turkey is a must read whether you’re coming to Turkey for the first time or plan to live here for a while. Unlike the usual guide book or personal travel narrative, Culture Smart Turkey contains a carefully thought out wealth of information about the cultural differences and complexities that make up Turkish life today.

The author Charlotte McPherson has been a resident of Turkey for more than 30 years. She knows what it’s like to be unfamiliar with the country and has useful tips and hints for settling in. From making new friends and socialising the Turkish way to navigating tricky cultural issues such as how to approach expressing differences of opinion and problem solving, she has it covered.

Well-known customs such as taking your shoes off inside homes and mosques are mentioned, but more importantly Culture Smart Turkey  provides the reader with valuable insights into the nuances of Turkish culture and society. Having lived here for a long time and being trained in anthropology, McPherson is attuned to the less obvious markers of ‘Turkishness’, such as being aware that a Turk would rather lose a friendship than discuss a problem directly. This knowledge is shared in well-written and easily digestible sections on Turkish values and attitudes, the meaning of private life in Turkey and the role of the family.

In addition to practical chapters on travel, safety and money and so on, Culture Smart Turkey includes a short guide to doing business in Turkey. As anyone who’s tried to conduct business in a foreign country will know, it’s essential to be aware of what is and isn’t acceptable, whether it relates to body language or gender roles.

It would take years to acquire the cultural knowledge available in this conveniently sized gem of a book. Charlotte McPherson has done the work for you, explaining all the idiosyncrasies and intricacies a foreigner is likely to encounter when they go to Turkey. Benefit from her experience and knowledge by purchasing a copy of Turkey Culture Smart today.

Happy travels and Türkiye’ye hoş geldiniz!

Title: Culture Smart! Turkey
Publisher: Kuperard
Date: August 30, 2022
ISBN: 978-1787023185

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