Regaip Kandili – the Night of Wishes

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The word regaip means wanting or desiring so Regaip Kandili is commonly referred to as the Night of Wishes. On this night believers say Allah opens up the doors of mercy. Followers seeking his forgiveness and kindness mark the occurrence with special prayers. Believers seeking to repent from their sins will also fast on this day and during the month in which it falls, known as the Month of Repentance.

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The importance of Regaip Kandili

Regaip Kandili is a night full of blessings, taking place on a Thursday which is linked to Friday, the Muslim holy day. In some explanations it’s said the angels declare this holy night, but its true importance is because it signals the start of three sacred months in Islam. These include various specific holy days and the major month of fasting and reflecting known as Ramazan.

Learn about the other kandil in the Muslim calendar in my post here, and find out more about Turkish culture and traditions in my book Exploring Turkish Landscapes: Crossing Inner Boundaries.


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However you travel, stay safe and have fun! Iyi yolculuklar.

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