My favourite Istanbul mosques – in photographs

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I’m a Leo so I usually go large on birthdays with celebrations lasting at least a week and sometimes as long as a month. In the past I’ve enjoyed dinner with all my friends at a nice restaurant, held a party at home or had a romantic dinner with my lovely husband in a beachside destination somewhere in Turkey or Europe. Each birthday I hope the following year brings me health and happiness, more book sales of course, and like a beauty contest entrant, desire world peace.

A few years ago, when the Coronavirus pandemic was ramping up I marked my birthday by sharing a selection of my favourite images from  Istanbul mosques. I’m not an expert photographer. I’m a writer first and foremost but one thing writing has taught me is the importance of paying attention to the details, something I think translates well in these images.

Yeni Valide Camii looks like a big birdcage, don't you think?
Have you been to Buyuk Camlica Camii yet?
Look out for the vintage worry beads for sale outside Caferaga Camii
Make sure to include Suleymaniye Camii on your itinerary.
The simple elegance of the Sinan Pasa Camii
This funky minaret is the best thing about Sinoplu Pehlivan Halil Çiçekçi Camii.
Fractals as art in the Marmara University Ilahiyat Fakultesi Camii
Don't forget to look up in Nuruosmaniye Camii.
Take a moment to appreciate the stark beauty of Sakirin Camii
Take time to marvel at the inner glory of Yildiz Hamidiye Camii
Check out the Byzantine Ottoman fusion of Zeyrek Camii
The architectural lines of the Marmara University Ilahiyat Fakultesis Camii transcend religion
A hidden corner inside Sehzade Camii delights.

And of course I have to finish with my favourite shot, taken by my Dad when he came to Istanbul in 2007. I think it’s pretty good given he had glaucoma in both eyes and very limited vision when he took it, don’t you?

Looking over the domes of Sultanahmet Camii

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into my take on what’s to like about Istanbul. Read more about some of these mosques and how to visit them and other lesser known sights in my new in 2023 alternative guide Istanbul 50 Unsung Places.

Planning to come to Istanbul and Turkey and want to know how to make the most of your trip? Read up on local life and culture in one of my booksuse my audio walking tour of Kadikoy,  stay in a fabulous historical hotel in the old city, or prebook a tour. Part of the money I earn in commissions goes towards the cost of  providing information about Istanbul and Turkey to readers for free. Please help me continue to help you.

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  1. I wish you a very healthy and happy birthday. It is really fascinating how you have emerged yourself analyzing Turkish culture and Moslem culture. Your studies reflect your pleasant view of our culture and I am really grateful for your manner.
    Let God give you a healthy and prosperious life.

    1. Thank you Jane. I’m thinking of treating today as a kind of leap birthday, so I can catch up on the celebrations as and when I chose. It will be often, trust me. Of course when you finally get here we’ll have to raise a glass to me, naturally!

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