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I’m Lisa Morrow writer, sociologist and author, but more importantly I’m someone who has a real passion for Turkey. I’ve lived in Istanbul and other parts of the country for more than 15 years and counting, after first travelling in Turkey in 1990.

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I was surprised to learn, after reading a comment on a social media about a post of mine that some of you don’t know much about me or what got me started on a writing career. It was simple. I got tired of reading travel articles, academic papers and blogs by people who’d obviously never spent that much time actually living here as opposed to visiting as tourists, guest speakers, journalists and so on. That lead me to write my first book  Inside Out In Istanbul: Making Sense of the City (2nd ed) and start this website of the same name in 2013.

Inside Out In Istanbul (both the book and the website) reflect my deep love for the city, extensive knowledge of the culture, and determination to scratch away the seemingly mundane surface of ordinary Turkish life to reveal the complexities below. I’m keen to dispel popular myths and misconceptions about Turkey including wanting to know why sheep heads are displayed the wrong way up. Despite that embarrassment, I continue to seek out and write about my experiences and travels in Istanbul and Turkey to share what makes it so special.

all six books written by Lisa Morrow
All the books by me, Lisa Morrow writer

Since then I’ve gone on write three more books about Istanbul and Turkey. They are Exploring Turkish Landscapes: Crossing Inner Boundaries, Istanbul Dreams: Waiting for the Tulips to Bloom and Longing for Istanbul: The Words I Haven’t Said Yet. All three titles are available in paperback or as e-books to read on your Kindle or computer.

My latest book is a guide to the lesser known but equally wonderful sites in the city I’m lucky enough to call home. Istanbul 50 Unsung Places is available in both paperback and ebook versions. My byline has also appeared in The New York Times, CNN Travel, World Nomads, BBC Travel and elsewhere.

For those of you who love Istanbul but aren’t so big on reading, I’ve researched, written and recorded an audio walking tour of Kadikoy, my local area. It’s called Stepping Back Through Chalcedon: Kadikoy Walk. You can listen to an excerpt from it here.

Thanks for taking the time to read to the end. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve found my website posts and articles useful or enjoyed reading any of my books so please leave a comment below. Also, feel free to share this post on your own social media platforms by clicking on one of the handy icons.

All the best,
Lisa Morrow Writer

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