Goztepe Istanbul – A walk on the wild side

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Come explore the Asian suburbs of Istanbul! One day it’s business as usual at the local market, and the next day life’s a party with singing and dancing in the streets. Welcome to my neighbourhood, welcome to Goztepe Istanbul …

Get away from the tourist centres and explore Istanbul like a local!

Monday Markets January 2013

2a Goztepe Mon markets

Do you want spice with that?

7d Gaziantep food festival Goztepe 23.9.12

Gaziantep Food Festival September 2012

7i Gaziantep food festival Goztepe 23.9.12


Milkman - K

Milk fresh to your door, October 2011

5b Rize wedding Evsan sok 22.9.12

The dancing starts after lunch, September 2012

Mazharbey Night Bufe

Is followed by a sucuk and cheese tost at around 3am, March 2012


And is finished off by drying out on the balcony, August 2013

For more photographs of Istanbul you can’t go past a collection of works by the master himself, Ara Guler. Click on the link to buy a copy of his beautiful and evocative work

Ara Guler’s: Istanbul 40 Years of Photographs

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