The Fabulous Lost and Found and the Little Turkish Mouse by Mark Pallis

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Have you seen The Fabulous Lost and Found kids language learning series yet?

Like many people I’ve struggled to acquire Turkish. My bookshelves are full of textbooks, dictionaries and grammar explanations but nonetheless I still find it hard to explain what I mean at times. One of the main problems always seems to be vocabulary. I just don’t know enough words, and for someone who likes to talk, that’s a real frustration. Although I am good at languages, not being young any more (but far from old) I lack that wonderful spongelike quality children have when it comes to absorbing new things.

Aimed at children (but good for grown up Turkish language beginners too), The Fabulous Lost & Found & the Little Turkish Mouse by Mark Pallis helps children learn Turkish while having fun. It tells the story of a little mouse who goes in search of an item of clothing he’s lost. The problem is the little mouse only speaks Turkish and Mr and Mrs Frog, who run the Lost & Found, don’t. What unfolds is a heart-warming and instructive tale as the three engage in a mix of Turkish and English. By the end of the story readers will have learned clothing related vocabulary, basic numbers, colours and sizes, with help from lovely illustrations by Peter Baynton.

You're kids will be speaking Turkish in no time!

If you’re planning to come to Turkey with young children or you’re already here, The Fabulous Lost & Found & the Little Turkish Mouse will help start them on the road to language fluency. Buy your copy here.

Title: The Fabulous Lost and Found and the Little Turkish Mouse
Publisher: Neu Westend Press
Date: March 2, 2020
ISBN: 978-1913595050

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