Istanbul Waterfront Views

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There are many beautiful Istanbul waterfront views but some of the ones I love the most are by the water.

Ortakoy2000 view

Sunday in Ortaköy, 2000

View from Cafe de Balzac

The German designed Haydarpaşa Railway as seen from Kadikoy, May 2011

12c Uskudar - Kiz Kalesi 2

Drinking tea in Üsküdar, April 2012

Ist 2000 Eminonu boats

Fishermen and boats at Eminönü, November 2000

2c Fog in Kadikoy 4 May

Kadikoy waterfront, May 2013

Ist 01 Kadikoy waterfront

Kadikoy waterfront, March 2001


Young soldiers on their day off, Haydarpaşa Railway Station, October 2011

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