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Tasty Ankara simits being sold in Karakoy, Istanbul.

One of the things I love about Turkey is the way objects are displayed. It was clear to me the first time I came to Turkey back in 1990 that when it comes to display Turkish style, Turks believe there is no such thing as too much when it comes to showing off what they have for sale. Whether it’s food or jewellery, less is never more!

Ankara simits for sale in Karaköy, 2008.


Fishing on the Galata bridge, September, 2013.

Berg 06 Butcher shop window

Would you like parsley with your lamb? Butcher shop window, Bergama, 2006.

Ist 06 Kadikoy Fish display 2

Fish anyone? Kadiköy, 2006 and even now.

Chi Kofte Spread

Homemade çiğ köfte spread with Erciyes university students, Birecik, 2004.

Ist 06 Kadikoy Tursu 2

Turşu (pickles) in Fish Street, Kadiköy, 2006.


And the original, getting married, Tahtakale, September, 2013.

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