Dukkan Kadikoy Council Waste Free Shop

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Dukkan entry just down from Feneryolu Marmaray stopIn an effort to improve my Turkish and learn what’s going on in my neighbourhood, I regularly check out the Kadikoy Council website. That’s how I discovered their initiative, Dukkan Kadikoy Council Waste Free Shop. It sells products and foods that are long-lasting, ecologically sustainable, produced from indigenous seeds, non-poisonous and seasonal, sourced from local producers and cooperatives. They value women’s labour and support craftsmen by including traditional handmade products.

Lovely clean lines of the Dukkan shop interior

Products are brought direct into the shop creating minimal waste, and everything is sold unpackaged or in returnable/reusable packaging. Paper receipts have been replaced by e-archive invoices and they have an instore water purification system to encourage people to refill their water bottles rather than always buying new bottles of water. In normal times you can bring your own glass jars and other containers and weigh and pack purchases yourself. During the COVID pandemic you had to buy their glass jars and other packaging items instore. These are still available and reusable. The prices are very reasonable, as is the cost of the products being sold.

Looking for a metal straw or metal food containers for your lunch? Want organic cleaning products sold in containers you can refill? Need cloth nappies and safe baby products? After a silicon baking sheet or prefer to buy flour without metres of packaging? Almost given up hope of finding a menstrual cup in Istanbul? Then Dukkan Kadikoy is the place for you. Browse through the photos below to get an idea of what they have.

Get your metal straws at Dukkan - Kadikoy Council Waste Free ShopHave you tried the olive oil cleaning gel from Dukkan - Kadikoy Council Waste Free shop?

Looking for chickpea flour, rye, corn flour and more? Dukkan will have it.

Dukkan sell tasty pomegranate sauce and tomato paste tooMake sure you head to Dukkan to buy a mentrual cup.

Dukkan Kadikoy is located about 50 metres down from the Feneryolu Marmaray stop and has an entry off Bagdat Caddesi. On the Cadde side look for the bright purple sign for Potlaç, a café and workshop run by a women’s co-operative. This initiative was started by the council in 2016 and enables women to network and engage with each other to learn new skills, sell their products and earn an income.

Have you visited Potlac yet?Bagdat street entrance to Dukkan

Want the money you spend in Istanbul and Turkey to go on meaningful projects? Check out my post on buying gifts that give back from initiatives run by NGOs and other groups helping women and displaced people to help themselves.

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  1. Thank you a lot. Just as my comment was uploading I realized that this saved page was an article on the shop, but happy I wrote the comment

  2. Hello, I am trying to find your shop in istanbul. I couldn’t find it on the map and on google it says it is closed. We have one day in Istanbul then we will go to Antalya. Do you deliver to Antalya?

    1. Hi Zena, It’s not my shop, I only wrote about it. However Dukkan is currently open Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm and the address is Gazi Muhtar Paşa Sokak No 57/1 Feneryolu, Kadikoy. They are just near the Feneryolu Marmaray train station. I think they probably do deliver to Antalya but you might need to speak Turkish to place an order. Here is the website address https://dukkan.kadikoy.bel.tr/iletisim

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