Lisa Morrow Writing - buy one of my books today!Lisa Morrow Writing: As well as writing for my blog I have written three books, numerous pieces for magazines and internet news and travel sites. Listed below are details of my books, writing about Turkey and other places and topics. If you would like me to write for you please contact me using the form provided below.

My books

* Inside Out In Istanbul: Making Sense of the City 2nd Edition, October 2015
* Waiting for the Tulips to Bloom: Adrift in Istanbul, September 2015.
* Exploring Turkish Landscapes: Crossing Inner Boundaries, April 2014.

Writing about Turkey

* Top 10 Things To Know Before You Arrive in Istanbul, International Hotels Group Blog, August 22, 2016.
* Dear Travelers to Turkey: Please Don’t Come Visit Until You’ve Understood these 8 Things, Matador Network, June 11, 2016.
* Small Projects Istanbul: Little things making big things happen, Your Middle East, February 4, 2016.
* “Celebration Time”, Lale: Magazine of the International Women of Istanbul, November/December, 2014, pp. 28-30.
* Contributions to Med Hills Travel Blog – Semsi Pasa Mosque, Erzerum, To Market to Market, At a Stretch: Turkish Icecream, Visiting with the King: Mount Nemrut, Goreme, Cappadocia, Surprising Karakoy, Kadikoy: A Local’s Istanbul, Tantalising Taksim, Ramazan Dos and Donts, Ephesus: Visiting the Ancient World.
* “Learning Turkish: Do as I say not as I do!”, Lale: Magazine of the International Women of Istanbul, September/October, 2014, pp. 36-37
*“A Touch of Spice”, Lale: Magazine of the International Women of Istanbul, May Issue 05, 2014.
*“What lies ahead for a brave new Turkey?”, ABC News The Drum, July 18, 2013.
*“A night in Istanbul: democracy is under threat”, ABC News The Drum, June 19, 2013.
*“Everyday I’m Chapulling: life in Turkey during the uprising”, ABC News The Drum, June 14, 2013
*”Turkish protest about more than a park“, ABC News The Drum, June 4, 2013.
*Goreme: If you look you’ll find yourself”, WeSaidGoTravel, June 1, 2013.
*Istanbul: In the sultan’s city”, WeSaidGoTravel, March 15, 2013.

Other Writing

* An Interview with Wendy Fox, English Kills, January 11, 2017.
* The Language of Beauty”, Argot magazine, December 22, 2016.
* Calculating Grief, November Finalist in Field of Worlds Flash Fiction Competition, November 2016.
* How Not to Throw in the Writing Towel, Guest post on The Artist Unleashed, 24 February, 2016.
* “Easter Spans the Globe”, Lale: Magazine of the International Women of Istanbul, March/April, 2015, pp. 26-27.
*More Than Words Can Say”, Lale: Magazine of the International Women of Istanbul, March/April Issue 04, 2014, pp. 29-30.
*Paris: Will my mother teach me courage?“, WeSaidGoTravel, April 18, 2013.

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