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Istanbul Apps & websites – useful ways to navigate the city

Getting to know Istanbul can be overwhelming. It’s a huge city, inhabited by people from all over the country and the world, with diverse neighbourhoods, confusing street layouts and a language most foreigners find hard to master, at least at … Continue reading

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Salacak, more than the Maiden’s Tower

Located on the Asian side of Istanbul, the neighbourhood of Salacak runs along the edge of the Bosphorus from Üsküdar all the way to Harem. Frequented by courting couples and curious tourists drawn by the myth of Kız Kulesi, Leander or … Continue reading

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The Grand Bazaar Istanbul – a gateway to enchantment

As a long-time resident of Istanbul, readers often ask me to recommend ‘must sees’ when they’re planning their first trip to this wonderful city. While I love to seek out lesser known sights I always tell people to see the … Continue reading

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My Donation to Small Projects Istanbul 2017

Ever since Syrians fleeing the war started to appear in the streets near my Istanbul home I began trying to help them. First I gave clothes and food, and then I started posting details about the different organisations helping Syrians in … Continue reading

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8 signs you’ve lived in Turkey too long

I’ve lived in Turkey for about ten years now, and have almost completely adapted to the way of life. I’m no longer surprised if I’m offered a piece of stinky cheese direct from a goat skin and can use even … Continue reading

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Inside Out In Istanbul – The People You Meet

In my many years of living and travelling throughout Turkey, I’ve met a lot of different people, all of whom called themselves Turks. I’ve written about some of the most memorable people in a piece called “The People You Meet”. … Continue reading

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Orhan Pamuk and the Museum of Innocence

The idea for this museum in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, based on Orhan Pamuk’s novel The Museum of Innocence, was conceived at the same time as the idea for the book. They simultaneously came into thought in the 1990s, and the novel … Continue reading

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Faces in the Street – less well known Turkish crafts

In my library on Turkey, I have a lovely little brightly coloured pamphlet style book filled with the kind of garish photos I used to see on postcards when I first travelled in Turkey in 1990. This book dates from … Continue reading

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Turkish Ice Cream – At a stretch

In Turkey, when you a buy a fridge, they don’t tell you how many litres it holds. Instead, they tell you how much Turkish ice cream it can store. Not just any ice cream though. Called dondurma, literally meaning ‘freezing’ … Continue reading

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Kuruçeşme – beauty on the Bosphorus

Another small suburb tucked away on the edges of the Bosphorus is Kurucesme (Kuruçeşme). The name translates as dry fountain, and it is believed to have been named for a 17th century fountain attached to the Tezkireci Osman Efendi Mosque. … Continue reading

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